Pyrexiophobian - Fear Of Fever


Overcoming Pyrexiophobia- fear of fever was something I had to do before having babies.

I know it sounds easy, but I never found anything to help me. I bought the book Energy Therapy and read it with interest.

When I was trying to overcome my fear, I noticed some other things about myself.

I soon realized that this book was a helpful tool for re-enforcing who you are as well.

I am a believer in many things, but this book is one thing that I can support for helping people like me who suffer from fears. Thank you so much for all your help.

Lana Jensen

Other Names

Fear of Fever

Fear of Fevers


Fever Fear

Fever Phobia

Fevers Fear

Fevers Phobia

Phobia of Fever

Phobia of Fevers

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