Rectophobia - Fear Of Rectum Or Rectal Diseases


Rectophobia - fear of rectum or rectal diseases sounds absurd, but this was what my problem was until I read Energy Therapy to overcome this fear.

I was almost ready to give up trying to cure myself, when I found your book.

Overcoming this fear by reading your book was something I did not think could be done, but the book proved me wrong.

I have since gotten over my fear and I feel like a new person.

I wanted to tell you that this book really worked for me and I was very pleased that you placed it for sale in the Internet.

Gail Wilson

Other Names

Fear of Rectal

Fear of Rectal Disease

Fear of Rectal Diseases

Phobia of Rectal

Phobia of Rectal Disease

Phobia of Rectal Diseases

Rectal Disease Fear

Rectal Disease Phobia

Rectal Diseases Fear

Rectal Diseases Phobia

Rectal Fear

Rectal Phobia

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