Diplophobia - Fear Of Double Vision


When I was growing up my mother would always sternly tell us that if we kept reading in dark areas or crossing our eyes we would either stay cross eyed or see double.

Imagine how my fear started? Diplophobia- fear of double vision was not really too much of concern until I became a nagging wife and mother.

Overcoming my fear was a goal I set for myself to please my family. I found Energy Therapy and it worked. My kids are happy and my husband.

To overcome something that does really bother you, but bothers others is important. I did not want to be a nag anymore. I just wanted to say thank you.

Linda Kane

Other Names:

Double Vision Fear

Double Vision Phobia

Fear of Double Vision

Fear of Seeing Double

Phobia of Double Vision

Phobia of Seeing Double

Seeing Double Fear

Seeing Double Phobia

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