Dystychiphobia - Fear Of Accidents

About Dystychiphobia

I used to drive everyone crazy when I rode in a car with any of them.

I had Dystychiphobia- fear of accidents and it was severe.

I was constantly watching everything and driving myself nuts. My friend found your book Phobia Release and brought it for me.

She was my best friend and she hated driving with me anywhere. I used your book to overcome my phobia and made my friends happy. In overcoming my fear I am also a better person.

I am taking my time to learn about driving myself, so maybe someday I will be behind the wheel and taking my friends places.

Amanda Zellner

Other Names:

Accident Fear

Accident Phobia

Accidents Fear

Accidents Phobia


Fear of Accident

Fear of Accidents

Fear of Having an Accident

Having an Accident Fear

Having an Accident Phobia

Phobia of Accident

Phobia of Accidents

Phobia of Having an Accident

Phobia Chart - The Complete List of Phobia Definitions

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