Elurophobia - Fear Of Cats (Ailurophobia)

About Elurophobia

When I was little my mom hated cats. When she got older and was alone, I wanted her to have companionship.

She had Elurophobia- fear of cats (Ailurophobia) and was so upset that I would suggest a cat.

I found your book, Phobia Release and decided to buy it for her. She said she had nothing to overcome, but with persistence, she read your book.

Overcoming her fear was maybe to much since now she has four cats. She loves these critters and is always bragging about what the do and act. She is happier now that she overcame her fear.

Heather Cosella

Other Names:

Cat Fear

Cat Phobia

Cats Fear

Cats Phobia


Fear of Cat

Fear of Cats

Fear of Feline

Fear of Felines

Feline Fear

Feline Phobia

Felines Fear

Felines Phobia




Phobia of Cat

Phobia of Cats

Phobia of Feline

Phobia of Felines

Phobia Chart - The Complete List of Phobia Definitions

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