Dromophobia - Fear Of Crossing Streets


No one ever hears about my phobia, it is Dromophobia- fear of crossing streets.

I believe it stated when I was young and ran into the side of a car by accident.

From that time on, I was afraid to cross any street. As a parent, I need to teach my kids how to cross streets and the only way to do this was by overcoming my fear.

I read Energy Therapy, it helped me overcome my fear, and I am still going strong. I am teaching my kids how to cross the street properly and everything seems to be going fine.

JoAnn Lubbers

Other Names:

Crossing Streets Fear

Crossing Streets Phobia

Crossing the Road Fear

Crossing the Road Phobia

Crossing the Street Fear

Crossing the Street Phobia


Fear of Crossing Streets

Fear of Crossing the Road

Fear of Crossing the Street

Fear of Road Crossing

Fear of Street Crossing

Phobia of Crossing Streets

Phobia of Crossing the Road

Phobia of Crossing the Street

Phobia of Road Crossing

Phobia of Street Crossing

Road Crossing Fear

Road Crossing Phobia

Street Crossing Fear

Street Crossing Phobia

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