Parthenophobia - Fear Of Virgins Or Young Girls


I have always had this fear called Parthenophobia- fear of virgins or young girls.

That is probably why I did not have a lot of girlfriends. I read Phobia Release and learned to overcome my fear.

I was not completely sold on the book, but when I succeeded in overcoming my fear, I was a believer.

The book was helpful and had a great deal of information. I would say that this is a good book for someone that has a fear and wants to be free.

I would recommend the book to others that need help to overcome a fear.

Jason Freeman

Other Names

Fear of VirginFear of VirginsFear of Young GirlFear of Young Girls


Phobia of Virgin

Phobia of Virgins

Phobia of Young Girl

Phobia of Young Girls

Virgin Fear

Virgin Phobia

Virgins Fear

Virgins Phobia

Young Girl Fear

Young Girl Phobia

Young Girls Fear

Young Girls Phobia

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