Parturiphobia - Fear Of Childbirth


My wife had Parturiphobia- fear of childbirth and refused to have children.

I wanted a family and needed to help her realize that this was something natural.

I bought Energy Therapy and read it with her. Overcoming her fear was incredible.

It was after she felt comfortable about childbirth that I suggested a baby. I am happy to say that we are expecting a baby in six months.

The book worked. It helped my wife overcome her fear. We are both looking forward to the birth of our child without any fears at all.

Well she is anyway, I might have a problem, but I will be strong.

Brad Sucha

Other Names

Birth Fear

Birth Phobia

Childbirth Fear

Childbirth Phobia

Fear of Birth

Fear of Childbirth

Fear of Giving Birth

Giving Birth Fear

Giving Birth Phobia


Phobia of Birth

Phobia of Childbirth

Phobia of Giving Birth

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