Pentheraphobia - Fear Of Mother-In-Law (Novercaphobia)


If you have ever feared your mother-in-law, you might have Pentheraphobia- fear of mother-in-law (Novercaphobia).

I was so pretty my mother-in-law that I refuse to go her house or talk to her on the phone.

It sure did make my wife upset. Overcoming my fear was done with Phobia Release.

I use the techniques that I read in the book to help me understand my fear, thus overcome my fear.

I think a lot of people could do well by this book. It was easy to understand and very helpful. Thank you for writing such a good book.

Kyle Mentag

Other Names

Fear of Mother-in-Law

Fear of Mothers-in-Law

Mother-in-Law Fear

Mother-in-Law Phobia

Mothers-in-Law Fear

Mothers-in-Law Phobia


Phobia of Mother-in-Law

Phobia of Mothers-in-Law

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