Anxiety Disorder in Child

Learn About Anxiety Disorder in a Child

What causes anxiety disorder in child?

Anxiety disorder in a child can be cause by insufficient mother’s care for the child, mental or physical abuse, traumatic events such as serious accidents, etc.

How to treat anxiety in child?

Psychotherapy is the way to treat anxiety disorder and many other mental disorders. It is in psychotherapy where the real healing process takes place and the causes of an illness are worked on. Medication should be used only in severe cases of anxiety disorder and under close health professional supervision.

What is the prognosis for anxiety disorder in a child?

The prognosis of social anxiety is usually positive. This is because this disorder is treatable and if a child receives an appropriate therapy the outcome will be positive. However if a child is exposed to abuse or misuse of medication or any other type of contra - productive treatment his or her disorder will deepen and be prolonged.

How safe is the medication for anxiety disorder in child?

As it is said above medication should be used in a child’s therapy only in severe cases when all other options failed. Always keep in mind that there are many natural supplements that can be a substitute for anxiety medications and this is why they should be used first.

If natural supplements fail and the severity of symptoms is not reduced medication should be considered but with great caution. First a child that is taking anxiety medication need to be in psychotherapy; second, a child has to take the medication as prescribed which means that parents need to have full control over the use of medication.

If medication is abused or misused in any way the effect can be very-contra productive and even dangerous for the patient’s health. Use of medication is safe only when it is taken under the close health professional’s supervision as prescribed. Otherwise you are exposing your child to great risk.

How can anxiety disorder affect a child’s development?

Anxiety disorder, if not treated appropriately, can affect child’s development in more than one way. Anxiety disorder in childhood can cause in adolescence low self-esteem, anti social behavior, aggressive behavior, different kinds of phobias such as agoraphobia, poor academic achievement, trouble with law, drug and alcohol abuse, etc.

If anxiety disorder is treated appropriately none of the above will occur. A child can develop normally and become a successful and self-actualized individual.

How to cope with anxiety disorder in a child?

The worst thing that can happen to parents is that their child is ill or suffers in any way. This is why it is normal for parents to be scared, worried, angry, said, desperate, or in denial. However these feelings are not productive and can cause even more problems in a family. This is why, family therapy is strongly recommended when a child suffers from a mental disorder.

In family therapy parents learn how to deal and cope with their child’s disorder. They are provided with professional help and guidance throughout their child’s treatment. This is essential for the wellbeing of a family because if parents are not supported and have no guidance they can suffer a lot which can eventually reflect on their marriage.

Anxiety disorder in a child or any other mental disorder in children can break up a marriage but it can also make it stronger. This is why it is important for parents to unite as newer before and help their child but also themselves.

Many parents neglect one another in these situations and even though that is understandable, it is something that should be avoided.

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