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The overall social anxiety disorder symptom is a marked and persistent fear of social or performance situations in which embarrassment may occur.

Important thing to notice is that feeling uneasy in performance situations is a normal feeling especially if one does it for the first time.

However, if one faints before they give the speech that can indicate that that individual is suffering from Social Phobia.

Individuals suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder (Social Phobia) are usually terrified of crowds and performances. They often feel very uneasy and stressed in social situations which can lead to the self-isolation and alcohol or drug abuse.

Self-isolation is a very common Social Anxiety Disorder symptom and should always be taken seriously. In other wards self-isolation needs to be addressed appropriately and should never be ignored.

People that isolate themselves in most cases have a certain problem or problems that are overwhelming to them and one of those problems can very well be Social Phobia. Of course Social Phobia was never and will never be cured with self-isolation.

There are people that live for years and even decades in self-isolation. Initially they isolated themselves due to their Social Anxiety Disorder however over time they develop other mental and physical disorder because of which they need to be hospitalized. This is one of the reasons why self-isolation should be taken seriously.

Alcohol abuse can be a Social Anxiety Disorder symptom however it can also be symptom for many other mental disorders. If a person is drinking with a certain goal which is to boost his or her self-esteem than we can say that that person’s alcohol problem is a symptom of social phobia.

Many people that suffer from Social Anxiety abuse alcohol because they are much more relaxed when under the influence. Even though this may be true and they may be able to socialize and have fun when under the influence morning always comes and with it hang over and reality. And reality for those people is that they suffer from Social Phobia and that they are becoming alcoholics as well.

Alcohol may give a little when you are in control of it but it takes everything when it controls you. The b,ottom line is that individuals that suffer from Social Phobia should not use alcohol as medication nor for any other purposes because it can do a lot of harm to them and prolong their illness and suffering and cause or add even more problems.

An I, themportant thing to know is that only a mental health professional can distinguish whether something is Social Anxiety Disorder symptom or not. Certain type of behavior can be in one case depression symptom and in another anxiety symptom this is why it is always important to get a professional opinion and diagnosis.

Self-diagnosis is one of major problems for health professionals because certain number of people tend to self-diagnose and then to self-medicate. This is very dangerous and contra productive because even if a patient is taking the right medicine there is a big risqué of misusing it by taking the wrong dosage or mixing it with another medication or alcohol which can be fatal.

In conclusion, don’t self-diagnose and don’t self-medicate. If you suspect that you may suffer from Social Phobia and even if you are convinced that you have a Social Anxiety Disorder symptom the first thing you should do is to go to the health professional. Just because you may have certain Social Phobia symptoms, that doesn’t automatically mean that you suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder.

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