Anxiety Disorder Treatment

About Anxiety Disorder Treatments

First thing you need to know is that anxiety disorder treatment is not an event but a process that sometimes can last for years and even a lifetime.

There are neither magic pills nor any other instant solutions to anxiety disorders.

Each type of anxiety disorder is a unique illness that requires different therapeutic approach.

For this reason it is very foolish to self medicate with certain medication for anxiety just because it helped someone you know.

This is because you don’t know what type of anxiety that person suffers from, The severity of their symptoms and many other factors need to be taken in consideration when prescribing a certain medication and its dosage. This is why only a certified health professional can prescribe medication.

A wrong dosage of a right medication can do a lot of harm to a patient. Also, misuse or abuse of medication can have great consequences on patient’s wellbeing and its outcome can even be fatal.

During anxiety disorder treatment any alcohol use is not an option. If you want to get better and defeat your anxiety disorder you need to stay away from the bottle. If you are having alcohol problems, the first part of your anxiety disorder treatment is alcohol counseling because there are no medications or psychotherapy that can help you if you are abusing alcohol.

Psychotherapy is mandatory if you want to get better and stay better. It is in psychotherapy where the causes of your anxiety disorder are explored and resolved. No medication can do that for you. Also, in psychotherapy you learn how to cope with your symptoms and you are provided with professional guidance and support.

Medication should be used in severe and some moderate cases of anxiety disorders. Its sole purpose should be to enable a patient to participate in psychotherapy where the real healing process is taking place. Unfortunately it is not unusual that medication is prescribed as a sole anxiety disorder treatment.

What you need know is that medication is not a sole answer to anxiety just as antibiotics are not a sole answer to bacteria. Because of what use are antibiotics to you if you are exposed to the bacteria on daily basis? The outcome in this case is the bacteria’s resistance to antibiotics and its rapid multiplication in your body causing unpleasant and painful symptoms.

On the other side if you stop the exposure to bacteria (if you work on the cause of your infection) and take the medication you will defeat your illness and continue living your life as before.

In case of anxiety daily exposure to “bacteria” is alcohol or drug abuse, serious interpersonal problems, serious or chronic medical conditions and any other type of overwhelming stress. Stress is the major cause of many mental illnesses and should never be underestimated.

Aside from anxiety medication there are also natural supplements for anxiety disorders that can be very helpful in reducing the symptoms of anxiety and depression. What natural supplements you should be taking and in what dosage you need to consider with your physician or even better with your psychotherapist.

The worst thing you can do to yourself is to self-medicate with alcohol, drugs, medication or even natural supplements because you can do a lot of harm to yourself as many other people do when they find themselves in your position.

Don’t become a part of a problem but a solution for your anxiety disorder. The outcome of your anxiety disorder treatment depends a lot on you and the actions you take. What is you next step?

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