Belonephobia - Fear Of Pins And Needles (Aichmophobia)

Fear Of Pins And Needles

I used to dread going to the doctor, I had Belonephobia- fear of pins and needles (Aichmophobia) and was always afraid he would take blood.

All I had to do is see a needle and I got sweaty and lightheaded, I had even been known to pass out. I was determined to overcome this fear.

I found your book Phobia Release. I followed it religiously and overcoming my fear worked.

I can now even watch the needle go in and it makes it easier to watch my infant get her shots without getting dizzy and falling down.

Karla Yukus, New York

Other Names:


Fear of Needle

Fear of Needles

Fear of Pointed Objects

Needle Fear

Needle Phobia

Needles Fear

Needles Fear

Needles Phobia

Needles Phobia

Phobia of Needle

Phobia of Needles

Phobia of Pointed Objects

Pointed Objects Fear

Pointed Objects Phobia

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