Brontophobia - Fear Of Thunder And Lightning

Fear Of Storm

This is a fear for many people I have found out. Brontophobia - fear of thunder and lightning is common among people as well as dogs.

I have dog that also has the fear, I wonder if she got it from me.

Phobia Release was a great help for me when overcoming the phobia. I live in a state where we seem to have many thunderstorms with lightening and to overcome this fear was greatly needed.

I am now free of my fear and I thank you. I wish it could work on my dog, maybe some day some one thing about that one.

Sandy Forest, Georgia

Other Names:



Fear of Lightning

Fear of Storm

Fear of Thunder

Fear of Thunder Storms

Fear of Thunderstorms


Lightning Fear

Lightning Phobia

Phobia of Lightning

Phobia of Storm

Phobia of Thunder

Phobia of Thunder Storms

Storm Fear

Storm Phobia

Thunder Fear

Thunder Phobia

Thunder Storm Fear

Thunder Storms Fear

Thunder Storms Phobia

Thunderstorms Phobia


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