Bogyphobia- Fear Of Bogeys Or The Bogeyman

Fear Of Bogeys Or The Bogeyman

I had this fear since I was little. Imagine growing up, getting married, and still having Bogyphobia - fear of bogeys or the bogeyman under my bed or in the hall.

I was even afraid to go in the basement to do wash. I found Energy Release and though maybe it could help in overcoming this fear.

I learned a lot from the book and did overcome my fear. I have you to thank. I now go to bed without turning on the light and go in the basement without fear. This is a great relief for me.

Barb Tasche, England

Other Names:

Bogies Phobia


Fear of Bogies

Fear of The Bogeyman

Phobia of Bogies Phobia of The Bogeyman

The Bogeyman Fear

The Bogeyman Phobia

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