Cathisophobia - Fear Of Sitting

Sitting Down Phobia

I was afraid to sit, maybe because I felt fatter when I sat.

I learned that I had a phobia called Cathisophobia- fear of sitting. The reason I needed to overcome this was because of my health.

I ate lying down and I took showers instead of a nice relaxing bubble bath. I was miserable all the time.

My husband researched everything on the internet and found Energy Therapy. I had to laugh because I thought it was just another moneymaker.

I had to write and tell you it worked and in overcoming my fear, I am a much happier person.

Helen Gilbert, N. Dacota

Other Names:

Fear of Sit

Fear of Sitting

Fear of Sitting Down


Phobia of Sit

Phobia of Sitting

Phobia of Sitting Down

Sit Fear

Sit Phobia

Sitting Down Fear

Sitting Down Phobia

Sitting Fear

Sitting Phobia


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