Depression and Anxiety Disorder

What Is The Relationship Between Depression and Anxiety Disorder

Even though at first it may seem that depression and anxiety disorder have nothing in common, the fact is that they are two complementary disorders.

This means that a depressed individual quite often experiences some type of anxiety and vice versa.

Symptoms of anxiety and depression often overlap or are sometimes identical in both disorders.

This is showing us that these two disorders are indeed complementary. Of course, many other symptoms of anxiety and depression are very different one from each other.

A person who has defeated depression can become anxious about not getting depressed again. This anxiety can be so intense that that the individual could be affected by depression and anxiety disorders at the same time. This is why even the mildest form of anxiety should be addressed and worked on.

The relationship between depression and anxiety disorders can be very intense. When this happens, a patient needs to be treated for both disorders simultaneously. If depression is treated and anxiety is not, a patient will never fully recover and vice versa.

What is the relationship between alcohol, depression and anxiety disorder?

Many people that suffer from depression and anxiety self-medicate with alcohol. This is a big mistake. The relationship between alcohol, depression and anxiety disorder is very strong and complex. However, one thing is certain, if you are having alcohol problems and suffer from depression and anxiety, you need to be in some type of alcohol counseling as well as in psychotherapy in order to overcome depression and anxiety.

Depression and anxiety pain can be devastating. It is understandable why so many people try to ease their pain with alcohol or drugs, but they would never do it if they really knew how devastating the effect alcohol has on them when they are depressed or anxious. In fact, the last thing they should be doing when depressed or anxious is to drinking alcohol.

How to treat depression and anxiety disorder?

Depression and anxiety are treated in psychotherapy or counseling. Medications, natural supplements, alternative therapies such as light therapy for depression are all used as tools so that a patient is relieved from his or her symptoms. Once this happens, he or she is capable of participating in psychotherapy where the real healing process in taking place.

There are no quick solutions for depression and anxiety disorders. Magic pills do not exist nor any other form of quick fixes. Depression and anxiety treatments are long term processes that need time, persistence, appropriate support, professional guidance and strong will.

Close to 90% of people that get the appropriate treatment for depression and anxiety, get better. Unfortunately, the majorities of people that suffer from anxiety and depression never get treatment for it and live their lives suffering in silence. There is nothing worse than suffering in silence. If you are one of those people, it is time to take your first step toward healing and say aloud to yourself as well as others that you are in pain.

Facing and confronting depression and anxiety disorders is not easy and the process of healing is usually long. However, it is much harder and difficult to live with anxiety and depression than to confront it and start the treatment.

Living with depression and anxiety can be so overwhelming that a person suffering from these disorders may wish that they were not alive.

When the pain is great, suicide starts to be an option for those suffering from it. This is horrifying, but true and needs to be addressed.

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