Herbs for Anxiety and Depression

There are many herbs for anxiety and depression available at any pharmacy.

You do not need a prescription for herbal medications, which means that you can walk into the pharmacy and take your pick.

So let us say, you are in the pharmacy right at this moment and there popular herbs for anxiety and depression on the shelf in front of you. What would be your choice and why?

Do you think that any herbal medicine is going to work for you or only a specific one?

When you are in front of a shelf that is filled with herbal medication for anxiety and depression, how would you know what is the appropriate medication for your condition.

If you do not know the answers to the questions above you should not go near a pharmacy. You will end up doing what many other people do when taking any medication without a professional's advice and supervision; you will prolong and deepen your disorder.

Just because some herbal medication for anxiety and depression worked for your friend or someone else you know, does not mean that it will work for you. You should always consult your physician before taking any medication, herbal or not. Even though herbs for anxiety and depression are natural, that does not mean that they are harmless.

There are no medications that are harmless. Any medication can cause problems if abused or misused. This is especially true with medications for anxiety and depression. For example, if you mix anxiety and depression medications with alcohol, the outcome could be fatal.

One of the most popular herbs for anxiety and depression is St. Johns Worth. This is a widely used herbal medication. It has a long tradition. Aside from St. Johns Worth, there is also Kava, Passion Flower, Ginseng, SAM-e, Pure Calm, Mind Soothe and many other herbal medications that are used for anxiety and depression.

Many have reported positive benefits from taking herbal medication. However, there are also many others that have reported no benefits from these medications. Interestingly enough, most of those people that have reported positive benefits have been in psychotherapy or some type of counseling as well.

This is not surprising because medications for anxiety and depression have one purpose and that is to reduce or relieve patients from their symptoms so that they are capable of taking part in psychotherapy where the real healing process is taking place. This is important to know. If you want to free yourself from anxiety and depression, you need to be in counseling or psychotherapy and have the professional guidance and support.

There are no magic pills, herbal or non-herbal, for anxiety and depression. However, just because herbs for anxiety and depression are not the only answer to your disorder that does not mean that they cannot be very helpful during your treatment. If herbal medications work for you and you do not need to take antidepressants, that is good news for many reasons, such as you do not have to worry about antidepressants numerous and very unpleasant side affects.

An important thing to emphasize is that if you are thinking about taking herbs for anxiety and depression, you should these a health professional and get his or her advice first. In addition, when taking herbal or any other medication, you need to have professional guidance and support as well as appropriate treatment for your disorder. Anxiety and depression cannot be cured only with medication.

Do not run in circles with anxiety and depression by taking the medication and doing nothing to actually overcome your disorder. Take the medication if you really need it to reduce your symptoms, but than attack anxiety and depression with all your power together with your therapist or counselor.

Do not drug yourself with all kinds of medication, but face your disorder and free yourself from it.

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