Kymophobia - Fear Of Waves Cymophobia

Fear Of Waves Cymophobia

I live by the ocean and you cannot imagine how frustrating it is to have Kymophobia- fear of waves (Cymophobia).

I love to swim and a pool is just not the same as swimming in the ocean.

I wanted to overcome this problem, but never had any luck. I tried everything, but overcoming my phobia was done with your book Energy Therapy.

It was useful for teaching me how to get rid of my fear and be able to enjoy something I love to do.

I am now able to swim in the ocean with waves. You definitely have something special here. Thanks much.

Karl Sonneman

Other Names


Fear of Wave

Fear of Wave-like Motion

Fear of Waves

Phobia of Wave

Phobia of Wave-like Motion

Phobia of Waves

Wave Fear

Wave Phobia

Wave-like Motion Fear

Wave-like Motion Phobia

Waves Fear

Waves Phobia

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