Kynophobia - Fear Of Rabies

Fear Of Rabies

I would love to have some animals as pets for my kids, but Kynophobia - fear of rabies has really prevented me from saying yes to their cries for a dog and a cat.

Cats normally stay in the house, but dogs have to go outside.

They can contact rabies I believe, but my husband tells me I am not right. Now, I was determined to overcome this fear, but never found anything to work.

Your book, Phobia Release was something that worked.

I succeeded in overcoming my fear and can now look at puppies with the kids. We should be able to have a dog in a few weeks. Thanks.

Lynn Grunow

Other Names

Canine Animals Fear

Canine Animals Phobia

Canine Fear

Canine Phobia

Canines Fear

Canines Phobia


Dog Fear

Dog Phobia

Dogs Fear

Dogs Phobia

Fear of Canine

Fear of Canine Animals

Fear of Canines

Fear of Dog

Fear of Dogs

Phobia of Canine

Phobia of Canine Animals

Phobia of Canines

Phobia of Dog

Phobia of Dogs

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