Male Depression and Suicide Risk Factors

Depression in a Man and Risk of Suicide

The biggest male depression and suicide risk factors are alcohol, drug abuse, separation or divorce.

Even though many other things can cause male depression when men have substance abuse problems or when they experience separation they are the most vulnerable and prone to suicide. Alcoholism, male depression and suicide are all closely related.

A depressive alcoholic often thinks about suicide which is one half of the way to committing the suicide. It is essential that that kind of thinking is stopped. This, together with many other things is accomplished in psychotherapy.

Male Depression and Suicide Prevention:

Whenever someone is severely depressed there should be a plan about suicide prevention. Many things can be done in order to prevent suicide. However suicide prevention should be led by a trained health professional and not by family members. Family members can play major role in suicide prevention but they must be led by a professional.

Family members first need to learn about male depression and suicide prevention. This can be learned in family therapy which is why this type of therapy is always recommended in these cases. Without the appropriate education about male depression and suicide family members do not know how to help their loved one.

Members of the family are always encouraged to educate themselves as much as possible because, as it is said above, they can be very helpful if they know how to help their loved one. On the other side, if they do not know what is the appropriate support for their depressed husband, father or son they can do a lot of damage by deepening and prolonging his depression.

As you can see the relationship between male depression and suicide exists and the relationship between severe male depression and suicide is quite strong. This is why depression should always be taken seriously. This means that depressed individuals should be in appropriate treatment and never left alone to battle depression by them selves, because they will lose.

Male depression is very treatable and close to 90% of patients that are in treatment get better or cured. Psychotherapy alone or together with antidepressants is the best type of treatment for male depression. The cure is out there and the only thing you need to do is to reach for it or help your depressed loved one do it.

Male depression and suicide stand no chance when depression is appropriately treated. This is why don’t give up but do everything in your power to help your loved one or yourself.

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