Men Alcohol and Depression

Men Alcohol and Depression

There are many questions about the relationship between men, alcohol and depression.

For better understanding of this relationship, the first thing that needs to be done is to state some facts about men, alcohol and depression separately. After that it will be much easier to discuss their relationship.

The Truth about Men, Alcohol and Depression:

For a man to feel manly he must have a satisfied girlfriend or wife that loves him and makes him know that she admires him and appreciates the things he does for her.

Are you that man? Have you ever been that man?

Unfortunately many men answer "no" to these questions.

Do you know any man who has that?

Again there are many answers that are negative.

The most difficult thing in man’s life is to keep his long term girl friend or wife satisfied and happy over the years. This has been proven for a majority of men to be impossible. What is even more unfortunate is that after each failure man gets more and more discouraged and his self-esteem and self confidence suffers. He becomes what is called "damaged goods".

How would you feel if your wife left you after ten years of marriage, or if you found out that she has been sleeping with somebody else behind your back for two years? For a man to feel like a man he needs to have a good paid and respectful job.

How many men do you know that fit into this category? The majority of men are not rich and many of them have financial problems.

Those that are rich, are usually "hypnotized" and "consumed" with money and the process of making it; which leaves them blind to anything else.

In today’s world you are not interesting to women if you don’t have money. Money makes a man a good catch. This is a cruel fact, but it is a fact.

So what does an average guy without a big house, fat wallet, expensive car and high position job needs in order to approach a lady?

He needs self confidence. But how is he supposed to have self confidence when he doesn’t have what is mandatory in order to be a good catch?

Alcohol boosts self confidence and makes you talkative and fun. Oh, yeah, it can also destroy your life and devastate everybody that loves you.

Money is important but money is not nearly enough for happiness. It takes much more than money for someone to have a loving wife and happy home. Unfortunately this fact is overshadowed with "money" famine in today’s world.

Alcohol is advertised everywhere and men are encouraged to consume it. All around us there is very aggressive and unfortunately successful alcohol propaganda.

Whenever guys spend the time together watching a game, fishing, playing cards or doing numerous other things they are drinking beer. This is accepted and even encouraged by our society (peer pressure, propaganda etc). Twelve million (12, 000, 000) Americans are alcoholics and are drowning in alcohol. How can this be acceptable?

Low self-esteem, interpersonal problems, financial problems and stress at work can put the bottle in the man’s hands. For a short period of time he may feel better and in control but then he is struck with something even worse than the initial problems-alcoholism and depression.

Depression is a serious illness, that if not treated can be fatal. Fortunately it is very treatable disease however unfortunately many men do not seek help because being in psychotherapy is not a manly thing. On the other side drinking big quantities of alcohol "definitely" makes you a man especially if you can take it like a man.

There are many men that first get divorced or lose their job, next they start or intensify their drinking and finally get depressed. This is no wonder because alcohol is a depressant and if abused it can cause severe depression.

Men, alcohol and depression are connected. If a man has alcohol problems than he very likely suffers from depression as well. Depressive alcoholic is incapable of maintaining the relationship so eventually, if he is not treated, he finds himself alone.

The most advertised article for men is beer. Beer is an alcoholic drink. Alcohol is depressant. Alcohol abuse causes depression. Depression when not treated has devastating effect on one’s life with possible fatal outcome.

Is there relationship between men, alcohol and depression? The relationship between men, alcohol and depression is obvious. The sad fact is that the relationship between men and alcohol is accepted and even encouraged by our society (e.g. alcohol propaganda).

Reading this article you can see that men are very vulnerable in today’s world and generally easy targets for quick solutions, such as alcohol. In conclusion, it has never been more difficult for a man to be a man.

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