Signs of Depression in Men

What are Signs of Depression in Man?

Physical abuse: Physical aggression never solves anything. It only causes new problems and deepens the old once. Any form of physical abuse shouldn’t be tolerated and needs to be appropriately addressed.

Men are in general more aggressive than women however that doesn’t mean that aggressive behavior is a normal male reaction to stress. Unfortunately men do tend to react aggressively when stressed and in some cases that is tolerable (e.g. punching a door) provided that children are not around and that it happens rarely.

Women scream when they are stressed, men punch a door and after that they embrace each other. Even though this is not perfect reaction to stress it is tolerable. However, if a man breaks everything in the house or if he physically attacks his wife or children he needs help. This type of aggressive behavior is one of the most common signs of depression in men.

Mental abuse: Make no mistake, mental abuse is more devastating than physical abuse. "You are so ugly", "You are worthless", "Everything you say is stupid", "Nobody would be with you", "Pregnancy destroyed your body", etc. These are just a few of many examples of mental abuse.

Men that mentally abuse their girlfriends or wives are weak for some reason. Usually they are depressed and the only way for them to feel better is to put down other people.

Control: Control is power and power means that even if you are wrong you can get a way with it. Sometimes depressed men use money for controlling their girlfriends or wives; especially if they are sole providers.

Once a man gets his girlfriend or wife in submissive state he can abuse her in many ways with minimal or without any resistance. This is typical for impotent men, men that have been abused in their childhood or men with so called "green" heart-men that only feel like men when they make, give and spend money.

Excessive working: He complains all the time that he doesn’t have time to enjoy life yet he’s working even when there is no need to. The fact is that there is always something to do however in between doing all those things one needs to rest. Unfortunately this is not the case with many depressed men. Fatigue deepens and prolongs depression. This is why resting and enjoying life is so important. Work without rest is everything but a good thing for both mind and body.



Alcohol abuse:If not the most, than definitely one of the most common signs of depression in men is alcohol abuse. Many depressed men tend to self-medicate with alcohol which is a big mistake because alcohol is a depressant and it only prolongs and deepens depression.

Alcohol and depression should never be mixed because alcohol abuse makes men more vulnerable and agitated. One thing is for sure, when there are alcohol problems in men there is depression in men.

Mood swings: Mood swings is not in the group of common signs of depression in men however if a man suffers from a Bipolar Disorder (Manic Depression) mood swings are present.

Conflict creating

Blaming others: Opposite to depressed women that have tendency to self- blame depressed men have tendency to blame others. In other words they will do anything to prove that they are not responsible for the wrong things they have done.

In summary, most common signs of depression in men are: alcohol abuse, aggressive behavior and excessive working. Common signs of depression in men are: conflict creating, blaming others, being controlling, and feeling suspicious, shame, insomnia and restlessness. Finally less common signs of depression in men are: mood swings, worthlessness, guilt etc.

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