Male Depression and Suicide

What is the Relationship Between Male Depression and Suicide?

Facts about Male Depression and Suicide:

Up to 17% of those who are clinically depressed die by suicide.

Unfortunately as you can see the outcome of severe depression can be fatal, especially if not treated.

When severe depressed individual is not in appropriate treatment he is at great risk of becoming suicidal.

This is one of the reasons why depressed individuals must be treated.

More than four times as many men than women die by suicide. This is another fact about male depression and suicide which can be analyzed in more than one way.

Many conclusions are drawn from this “male depression and suicide” fact. Some of them are that women are braver than men or that they are more resistant to pain and can better cope with depression.

Suicide is always in the top 10 leading causes of death in the world. In many countries suicide is often in the top 5 leading causes of death. Countries where suicide is in the leading cause of death are also "leading" in depression statistics.

For example Scandinavian countries have the highest percent of depressive people in Europe and they also have the highest rate of suicide in the population. The relationship between male depression and suicide is obvious in this case.

70% of all suicides are committed by men. In most cultures men commit suicide more often that women. The exact reasons why this is the case, are not known, however there are many suggestions.

Suicide by firearm is the most common method for men. This is why access to firearm should always be denied to a depressed man. Sometimes depressed men will try to hold on their gun for numerous reasons: "I need to clean it", "It is necessary for our protection", "I feel safer with it" etc. None the less, the access to firearm should be denied.

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