Scabiophobia - Fear Of Scabies


Every little itch caused me to run to the doctor because I had Scabiophobia - fear of scabies.

Scabies is a skin mite that causes severe itching.

I am not sure why this bothered me, but it was costing me a lot of money in doctor bills and my doctor probably thought I was out of my mine.

Phobia Release helped me in overcoming my fear. I have to say that it is nice not being afraid I have scabies every time I have an itch.

I have overcome this phobia and I have your book to thank for this.

Lynn Zelman

Other Names

Bed Bugs Fear

Bed Bugs Phobia

Fear of Bed Bugs

Fear of Scabies

Fear of Scabies

Fear of Skin Bug

Fear of Skin Bugs

Phobia of Bed Bugs

Phobia of Scabies

Phobia of Scabies

Phobia of Skin Bug

Phobia of Skin Bugs

Scabies Fear

Scabies Phobia

Skin Bug Fear

Skin Bug Phobia

Skin Bugs Fear

Skin Bugs Phobia

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