Scatophobia - Fear Of Fecal Matter


Scatophobia - fear of fecal matter is hard to have when you have a baby in the house.

My wife insisted that I find help to overcome this problem. I never thought for a minute it was a phobia until a friend suggested it.

He also suggested your book Energy Therapy as a way of overcoming my fear.

I bought the book and read every page. I learned that it was a phobia and used the techniques to help myself.

I am happy to say that I am no longer afraid of feces, even from my baby daughter. Thank you so much.

Jim Newman

Other Names


Fear of Fecal

Fear of Fecal Matter

Fear of Feces

Fecal Fear

Fecal Matter Fear

Fecal Matter Phobia

Fecal Phobia

Feces Fear

Feces Phobia

Phobia of Fecal

Phobia of Fecal Matter

Phobia of Feces

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