Scelerophibia - Fear Of Bad Men, Burglars


Scelerophibia - fear of bad men, burglars was always a problem for me since I was a child.

I decided to overcome this fear as I grew into an adult. I had to since I live alone and was so sick of being scared.

Overcoming my fear was not as hard as I thought it would be since I read and used Phobia Release.

I have helped myself because of your book.

I know this is something you probably never here from people, but this book was everything it said it would be. It helped me and I am thankful.

Wanda Barber

Other Names

Bad Men Fear

Bad Men Phobia

Burglar Fear

Burglar Phobia

Burglars Fear

Burglars Phobia

Fear of Bad Men

Fear of Burglar

Fear of Burglars

Fear of Robber

Fear of Robbers

Phobia of Bad Men

Phobia of Burglar

Phobia of Burglars

Phobia of Robber

Phobia of Robbers

Robber Fear

Robber Phobia

Robbers Fear

Robbers Phobia

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