Scopophobia or Scoptophobia


Scopophobia or Scoptophobia- fear of being seen or stared at is a fear I had forever. I even had it in school.

I wanted to overcome this fear many years ago, but never found anything that could help me.

Energy Therapy helped me in overcoming my fear without so much trouble.

I read the book and learned about things to do to help myself.

I am now a free person and now I do not care if someone might stare at me.

Thank you for the book and for helping me when nothing else seemed to work for me.

Hannah Moore

Other Names

Being Looked At Fear

Being Looked At Phobia

Being Seen Fear

Being Seen Phobia

Fear of Being Looked At

Fear of Being Seen

Fear of Seen

Fear of Stared At

Phobia of Being Looked At

Phobia of Being Seen

Phobia of Seen

Phobia of Stared At

Seen Fear

Seen Phobia

Stared At Fear

Stared At Phobia

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