Social Anxiety Disorder in Child

About social anxiety disorder in child

What are the causes of social anxiety disorder in kids?

There are many things that can cause social anxiety disorder in child such as trauma, parental neglect, overprotective parenting, physical or emotional abuse, sexual abuse, terrorization by parents or someone close to child, isolation of a child, degradation of a child, rejection, exploitation, etc.

Most of the children that have difficulties in their childhood develop some type of anxiety disorder. For example children living in unhealthy environment such as home where parents are fighting and are abusive one to another. As you can see a child doesn’t have to be directly exposed to violence and abusive behavior to develop anxiety disorder.

This is why it is important for parents to avoid serious arguments in front of their children and of course they should never be abusive one to another in front of children or at any time. A child never feels safe when parents argue or fight and when they don’t feel safe their separation fear and other types of fears intensify.

Treatment for Social Anxiety Disorder in Child

Social anxiety disorder in child is best treated in psychotherapy alone or combined with anxiety medication. Medications are rarely sole answer to anxiety and they should never be used without health professional’s supervision. Also in order for medication to be effective it needs to be taken as prescribed and not abused or misused in any way.

This means that parents should have full control over their child’s medication and that they should monitor all the activities that have to do with taking the medication. Anxiety medication is a serious thing and deserves full parental attention. If a child abuses or misuses the medication he or she is at great risk of getting even worse.

For example if a child is not appropriately supervised when taking the medication it can pretend to be taking the medication where in reality it does that only now and then. Taking the medication off and on is a serious misuse of medication and represents serious risk for individual’s health. This is why close parental supervision is essential.

Natural supplements can be used as substitute for anxiety medication if their effect on a child that suffers from social anxiety disorder is satisfactory. Natural supplements should always be a first option and if they don’t give good results than anxiety medication can be considered.

Important thing to notice about natural supplements is that they should not be taken without health professional’s advice even though you don’t need prescription to obtain them. This is because even though natural supplements are natural they can endanger a child if abused or misused.

Family therapy is a very important and even essential part of the treatment for social anxiety disorder in a child. This is because parents need to learn how to behave around their child in certain situation, how to give him or her appropriate support, how to cope with their child’s disorder, etc.

Having a child diagnosed with mental disorder is a very difficult experience for parents. It is something that can cause even more problems in marriage but it can also make the marriage even stronger. If parents go to family therapy and counseling they have very good chances to become even stronger as individuals and as a couple and that is exactly what their child needs in order to get better and stay healthy.

If parents want to help their child they should never blame one another for what has happened to their child but they should unite and make sure that they are doing their maximum to help themselves and their child.

Social anxiety disorder in a child is based on fear and negative emotions and parents can learn in family counseling how to deal and cure both appropriately.

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