Social Anxiety Disorder Medication

Social Anxiety Disorder Medication

My experience with social anxiety disorder medication.

I have been suffering from social anxiety disorder for many years. I suffered because this disorder made my life miserable and at moments unbearable.

I am fifty two years old male and half of my life I spend on finding the cure for my illness. Different experts offered different things and I have tried them all but with little success.

About fifteen years ago one psychiatrist prescribed me so called social anxiety medication. Even though I was very reluctant to take the anti anxiety medication or antidepressants he convinced me that that was the best thing for me because psychoanalysis didn’t work in my case.

At that time I didn’t know that there were other types of psychotherapies and I was too much in pain and confused to do the proper research. Therefore I took the medication believing that I had finally found the cure for my disorder because I was taking the social anxiety disorder medication- the medication for my very condition.

In the first six month I experienced persistent and exhausting side effects. My psychiatrist was changing my dosage faster than I was changing my socks. When that didn’t work he would put me on some other medication or another mixture of medication. In other words I was something like a rat in the laboratory.

After six months my side effects reduced and I was able to function as before taking the social anxiety disorder medication. Medication reduced my symptoms of social anxiety but that was far from enough. When I told this to my psychiatrist he listened and then changed my dosage once again while saying that we are on good track since my side effects are under control.

So once again I left his office with enthusiasm believing that I was going to get better because he said that we are on the right track. Another six months passed by and nothing really changed. I was going to him every second week and he was changing my dosage and reassuring me that everything is going to be all right.

After two years of taking the so called social anxiety disorder medication I was even more messed up than before and I decided that there was enough. I went to my psychiatrist and asked him to reduce my medication and eventually terminate my therapy. He looked at me and said that I was upset and that that is completely understandable and then he prescribed me some “anti stress” pills.

Needless to say that was the last time I saw him. I spend two years taking the medication that caused me even more pain and distress in vain. I was angry, sad, hopeless and suicidal. I wasn’t suffering from anxiety any more but from anxiety and depression as well. In other words I was a complete mess.

The worst thing was when I realized that medication in not helping me and that there is no such a thing as social anxiety medication. There is medication for anxiety and depression but neither medication is a sole answer to anxiety or depression. This I have found out when I started with behavioral therapy.

Behavioral therapy was the answer to my prayers. It took me about one year to feel much better without any medication. I learned how to cope with my anxiety and started having a normal social life. Depression was gone, once I started living as I wanted, but never could due to my social phobia.

My only advice to all people suffering from anxiety or depression is to be cautious about taking the medication for anxiety and depression. I’m not saying that meds didn’t help some people but one thing is for sure, social anxiety disorder medication didn’t help me but behavioral therapy did.

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