Staurophobia - Fear Of Crosses Or The Crucifix


Staurophobia - fear of crosses or the crucifix is a fear I have had for many years.

Even though I had tried many different things before, a friend of mine, found Phobia Release and told me to check it out and use it for overcoming my fear.

I bought the book and in no time, I was experiencing something different, I had overcome me fear.

I was no longer afraid of crosses. I almost felt as if I was that girl from the Exorcist when I saw crosses and now I am fine when I see one. I am very happy that I read your book and that it was able to help me.

Tania Feldman

Other Names

Cross Fear

Cross Phobia

Crosses Fear

Crosses Phobia

Crucifix Fear

Crucifix Phobia

Fear of Cross

Fear of Crosses

Fear of Crucifix

Fear of The Crucifix

Phobia of Cross

Phobia of Crosses

Phobia of Crucifix

Phobia of The Crucifix

The Crucifix Fear

The Crucifix Phobia

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