Syngenesophobia - Fear Of Relatives


This is a problem for my relationship more than it is for me personally.

I had Syngenesophobia- fear of relatives and needed to overcome it so I could make peace in the household.

Overcoming this fear was easy after I read your book Phobia Release.

I did everything it said and now I am feeling more comfortable around my girl's relatives and mine.

I guess if I want to get married, I had to do this. I am glad that your book was easy to read and understand.

Thanks a bunch for the good advice that saved me from potential problems at the wedding.

John Lammers

Other Names

Fear of Related

Fear of Relative

Fear of Relatives

Phobia of Related

Phobia of Relative

Phobia of Relatives

Related Fear

Related Phobia

Relative Fear

Relative Phobia

Relatives Fear

Relatives Phobia

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