Symbolophobia - Fear Of Symbolism


Many people did not believe me when I told them I had Symbolophobia - fear of symbolism.

They just could not understand. Overcoming this fear with the help of the book Phobia Release meant that I could tell people that I did indeed have this fear and I had overcome it with your book.

The looks and comments I got left me feeling like a nut case, but thanks to you, I can go one without having my fear or having to tell people what is wrong with me now.

I am grateful for all your help. It is amazing to feel this way.

Mary Bentley

Other Names

Fear of Symbolism

Fear of Symbol

Fear of Symbols

Phobia of Symbolism

Phobia of Symbol

Phobia of Symbols

Symbolism Fear

Symbolism Phobia

Symbol Fear

Symbol Phobia

Symbols Fear

Symbols Phobia

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