Stenophobia - Fear Of Narrow Things Or Places


When I used Energy Therapy to fight my fear known as Stenophobia - fear of narrow things or places, I was pleased that it actually worked.

I never thought that a book could help me when nothing else seemed to work.

Thanks to your book, I was able to deal with my fear and learn how to overcome my fear.

With all the other things I tried when I was desperate for overcoming my fear, I was leery of this book.

However, I can honestly say that it worked when nothing else did. Thank you for everything, you were such a big help.

Patrice Manning

Other Names

Fear of Narrow

Fear of Narrow Places

Fear of Narrow Things

Narrow Fear

Narrow Phobia

Narrow Places Fear

Narrow Places Phobia

Narrow Things Fear

Narrow Things Phobia

Phobia of Narrow

Phobia of Narrow Places

Phobia of Narrow Things

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