Anxiety Attack During Pregnancy

Learn About Anxiety Attack During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a blessing and a child is God’s greatest gift.

Unfortunately, there are women that go through great hardships during pregnancy and experience all kinds of disorders such as depression and anxiety attacks.

Pregnancy is a very special and specific condition that only women that have been pregnant can understand. In pregnancy, a womans body changes from inside out and her psychic changes as well. Those changes are mandatory because they nourish the baby; prepare a new mother for breast-feeding and motherhood in general.

Right from the start, one thing needs to be clear. Women that experience depression or anxiety attacks during pregnancy are not in any way bad mothers. They are only individuals that need the appropriate treatment, care and love to overcome their disorders or to learn how to live with them.

Many women that experience symptoms of anxiety and depression during pregnancy feel guilty and ashamed because they fear that their surroundings will label them as bad future mothers or because they themselves believe that, they will not be good mothers. Husbands, boyfriends and family members need to be aware of this and provide the essential support to their loved one in need.

There is nothing to feel guilty about or to be ashamed of if you are experiencing anxiety attacks during pregnancy. Therefore, if someone is blaming you for it, you need to distance yourself from that person at least until you give a birth to your child. At time of crises, you need support and love and the last thing you need is someone that will make you feel even worse.

Anxiety attacks during pregnancy is for many reasons, far more challenging than panic attacks when not pregnant. First, the fact that you are pregnant and experiencing anxiety attacks intensifies your fear because you worry about the wellbeing of the baby; and when your fear intensifies so does your anxiety attack.

Second, when a woman is pregnant, she is always more vulnerable and any crises during this period represents much more stress than when not pregnant. Finally, during difficult pregnancies, a woman needs someone to take care of her. Because of this, she is willing to put up with many things that she usually would not otherwise, which eventually worsens her condition.

Treatment For Anxiety Attack During Pregnancy

It is strongly recommended that anxiety during pregnancy is treated with psychotherapy alone or in combination with certain natural supplements. Natural supplements should be taken only under the supervision of a health professional and never on your own. Just because they are natural, does not mean that they are harmless if misused or abused.

Medication for anxiety and depression during pregnancy should be avoided if they are not absolutely necessary. If you are thinking about taking any medication, you need to do the research first and talk to more than one health professional because you need as much information as you can get before making your decision.

The decision whether to take the medication or not is very important and should never be taken lightly. In addition, if you are taking the medication for anxiety and depression, you need to be in psychotherapy and have professional guidance, help and support. The worst thing you can do to yourself is to misuse or abuse depression and anxiety medications.

Women that experience anxiety attacks during pregnancy are terrified and prepared to do anything to help themselves and their unborn babies. This is why they are prone to make mistakes by misusing or abusing medications. This is understandable, but needs to be avoided because those kinds of actions will only deepen and prolong their suffering.

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