Symptoms Of Mild Anxiety Attack

What Are The Symptoms Of Mild Anxiety Attack

The symptoms of mild anxiety attack are in general very difficult to distinguish from people’s normal reaction to stressful situations.

In fact, there are many individuals that when stressed, exhibit symptoms of mild anxiety attack even though they do not suffer from an anxiety disorder.

Becasue of this, if you suspect that you or your loved one may suffer from mild anxiety, the first thing you should do is to go to a health professional.

What is mild anxiety attack?

Mild anxiety attack is the attack of anxiety that is not intense. However, it is usually unpleasant and should be addressed for many reasons. One of them is that anxiety as any other illness can, and usually does, progress if not treated. Therefore, if you suffer from mild anxiety attacks today, in a few months you can be suffering from severe anxiety attacks if not treated.

The good news is that anxiety is a treatable disorder and that the majority of those that get treatment get better. Of course, the sooner you start the treatment the better your chances are of being cured. If you suspect that you may be having some symptoms of mild anxiety attack, you should go to a psychologist and find out if it is really so.

Only a health professional such as psychologist or psychiatrist can diagnose you with anxiety and provide you with the appropriate treatment. Self-diagnosis and self-medicating should never be an option because it leads to even more severe symptoms of an illness and intensifies the pain and suffering.

Unfortunately, many people that suffer from anxiety, especially anxiety attacks, self-medicate with alcohol. If you are one of those individuals, you need to know that if you want to get better and eventually cured from anxiety, first thing you need to do is to stop drinking alcoholic beverages.

Of course, you cannot do this by yourself, but you can get yourself into alcohol counseling where alcohol is defeated every day by those that really want to get better.

Symptoms of Mild Anxiety Attack:

• Headache

• Blushing

• Muscle tension

• Shaking

• Weak legs

• Rapid heart beat

• Hand tremors

• Sweating a lot

• Feeling tension

• Unrealistic fear

• Not being able to concentrate

• Dry mouth

• Hyperactivity

There are many other symptoms of mild anxiety attack, however these are the most common. If you find yourself in public transportation and you suddenly experience fear and some of the symptoms that are listed above, it is possible that you may suffer from social anxiety or even more specifically from agoraphobia.

The main symptom of an anxiety attack is the presence of fear when there is nothing to be afraid of. If there is a sudden fear in everyday situations that are not endangering you in any way, there is good possibility that you are suffering from anxiety.

However, just as it was said before, do not self diagnose, but go to a health professional and recieve the proper diagnosis and treatment.

Individuals that suffer from anxiety or depression are sometimes willing to do anything to reduce their symptoms of anxiety and depression including alcohol or drug abuse. This is very unfortunate because by doing so, they are making themselves sicker and vulnerable, which intensifies their symptoms.

The appropriate treatment for anxiety is the psychotherapy alone or combined with medication or natural supplements if necessary. In case of mild anxiety attacks, medication is not necessary. They should be avoided because you can seek relief from your symptoms of mild anxiety attack in psychotherapy without taking the medication.

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