Sign Of Anxiety Attack

Most of the people that suffer from anxiety attacks are looking for a sign of an anxiety attack in order to be able to predict their attacks.

This, unfortunately, is not easy and many would argue that it is impossible.

However, there are individuals that can predict their attack and thus prevent it or make it less intense.

If you want to see your sign that you are having an anxiety attack before it occurs, there are certain steps you need to make.

First, if you suffer from anxiety attacks, you need to be in psychotherapy or some other type of counseling. In other words, you need to have professional help and guidance. Without a health professional, you can do more harm than good to yourself when attempting to treat your disorder.

For example, if you decide to self medicate with alcohol, legal or illegal drugs, you will most certainly end up being even more stressed and vulnerable. Medication should be taken only when prescribed and as prescribed.

In addition, if you are taking the medication for anxiety you need to be under the care of a health professional in order for the medication to have the maximum positive effect.

The second thing you should do, is to make sure you have someone around you when you are experiencing the panic attack. This is very important, because that person can observe you before and during the attack can provide you with the crucial information about your symptoms before and during the anxiety attack.

The best thing would be to have your anxiety attack video recorded as well as the period prior to the panic attack. This is very easy to do if you are experiencing panic attacks at your home or at your office. The only thing you need to do is to install cameras that would record around the clock.

Having your anxiety attack as well as the period prior to your panic attack recorded can be very helpful in finding out what triggered the anxiety attack. This is why you should make sure you make that recording.

Finally, with as much information as possible about your anxiety attack you should go to your therapist and together with him or her try to find out what is your sign prior to the anxiety attack.

There are four clusters of signs for anxiety attacks: physical, emotional, behavioral and cognitive.

Physical Signs of Anxiety Attack:

• Chest pain

• Irregular heart beats

• Rapid heart beats

• Sweating

• Aches and pain

• Body tension

Behavioral Signs of Anxiety Attack:

• Shaking

• Trembling

• Insomnia

• Stomach problems

• Hot flashes

• Ticks

• Vomiting

• Aggressive behavior

Emotional Signs of Anxiety Attack:

• Fear of going crazy

• Fear of death

• Feeling of terror

• Irritability

• Dread

• A desire to escape

• Feeling you have to escape

Cognitive Signs of Anxiety Attack:

• Recurrent or obsessive thoughts

• Having problem concentration

• Intrusive thoughts

• Thinking that there is no way out

• Tendency to predict the worse

These are only the most common signs of an anxiety attack because listing all of them is impossible. This is because anxiety attacks are unique as well as their signs and symptoms. Of course, there are elements of anxiety attacks that are the same for all individuals that suffer from anxiety. However, there are also elements that are unique for each person.

One of those elements that are unique is the sign that precedes the person’s panic attack. If this sign is recognized and dealt with in the right way an anxiety attack can be prevented.

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