Anxiety Chest Pain

What Is Anxiety Chest Pain

Anxiety chest pain is one of the main physical symptoms of an anxiety attack.

Chest pain is a part of the natural reaction to life-threatening situations as well as the generation of adrenalin, which causes the body to breathe faster and the heart to pump harder.

However, when this type of reaction occurs for no apparent reason there is a chance that the person experiencing that reaction is suffering from an anxiety disorder.

An anxiety attack can be a horrifying experience. It can cause the people that suffer from it to believe that they are about to die.

Some of them are afraid that they may suffocate, others feel that somebody wants them dead, and yet the majority believe that during their anxiety attack, they are about to have a heart attack because of their chest pain.

Anxiety chest pain can resemble the heart attack. Therefore, it is understandable that those individuals that experience chest pain during their anxiety attack have the impression that they are having a heart attack.

This is especially true with individuals that have heart problems and have had a real heart attack prior to their anxiety disorder.

This is very important information about anxiety attack that all sufferers and their family members should know. If family members are not aware of this fact, they may mistake their loved ones anxiety chest pain for a heart attack. This could cause panic and by doing so, contribute to even more panic and fear in their loved one.

There are many examples about family members with the best intentions that make their loved ones feel even worse during an anxiety attack. All this happens because many people that are close to an anxiety or depressed loved one know little or nothing about it. For this reason, if you have someone in your home that suffers from anxiety attacks, make sure you educate yourself and other family members about that disorder.

If you know how to help, you can help your loved one feel better and be an important part of his or her treatment. On the other hand, if you do not know how to help, you can make your loved one feel more miserable and sabotage his or her treatment even though you have good intentions.

One important thing to note is that no matter how much you know about anxiety and depression, you cannot treat yourself or your loved one. An appropriate treatment is conducted by a health professional and only by a health professional. You can only help if you know what to do and how to help.

Anxiety chest pain as well anxiety in general and other illnesses can be diagnosed only by a health professional. This physical symptom of an anxiety attack is a very good example about how much harm you can do to yourself by self-diagnosing or others by diagnosing them.

There are people that self-diagnose and therefore, self-medicate with legal drugs. One example is Donna, a 44-year-old business woman that was convinced that she suffered from an anxiety disorder. In order to save her time and money she did not go to a doctor, but tried to self-medicate with some medication for her “anxiety” chest pain.

Donna barely survived because she suffered a heart attack during one of her business meetings. Donna self-medicated herself for her anxiety chest pain with anxiety medication while she suffered minor multiple heart attacks during a period of three months, until she suffered a serious heart attack and ended up at the hospital.

Self-diagnosing and self-medicating can kill you! Therefore, if you suspect that you may suffer from any illness including anxiety, go to a health professional and get the appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

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