Enochlophobia - Fear Of Crowds


This was a fear that I lived with for many years. Enochlophobia- fear of crowds kept me home and away from events and functions that were important to me.

Overcoming this fear was something I really wanted to do and I needed to do. I read Phobia Release and I found out it worked.

I have overcome my fear and took my time getting out into crowed situations, but I am doing it with the help of your book. I really wanted to say thank you for helping me.

Your book does work and really was a big help.

Sally Hanson

Other Names:

Fear of crowds

Fear of Mobs

Crowd Fear

Crowd Phobia

Mobs Fear

Mobs Phobia


Phobia of Mob

Phobia of Crowds

Phobia Chart - The Complete List of Phobia Definitions

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