Ergasiophobia - Fear Of Work Or Functioning, Surgeon's Fear Of Operating


Ergasiophobia - fear of work or functioning, surgeon's fear of operating was something I never had a problem with until one day, I had a patient pass away after I preformed surgery.

For some reason I cannot explain, this hit me hard. I soon became frightened at the thought of doing another surgery.

Well, I had to overcome this problem, since this is what I am. Overcoming my fear was relatively easy with your book, Phobia Release, even thought I did not believe it could work.

I just wanted to tell you it worked and I am once again performing surgeries again. I prefer to not mention my name because of the obvious reasons.


Other Names:

Fear of Functioning

Fear of Operations

Fear of Surgeon

Fear of Surgeon's Operating

Functioning Fear

Functioning Phobia

Operations Fear

Operations Phobia

Phobia of Functioning

Phobia of Operations

Phobia of Surgeon

Phobia of Surgeon's Operating

Surgeon Fear

Surgeon Phobia

Surgeon's Operating Fear

Surgeon's Operating Phobia

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