Erotophobia - Fear Of Sexual Love Or Sexual Questions


Erotophobia- fear of sexual love or sexual questions is what my husband had. It was always so hard to talk to him about sex or even get him to be romantic.

I married him anyhow and hoped that after we were married he would be open to talk and express himself.

I found Phobia Release and asked him to read it and try it to see if he could overcome this problem.

After much screaming and arguing, he agreed and was able to succeed in overcoming his fear. He is now able to express and talk about sexual things.

MaryAnn Lubbers

Other Names:

Fear of Sexual Love

Fear of Sexual Question

Fear of Sexual Questions

Phobia of Sexual Love

Phobia of Sexual Question

Phobia of Sexual Questions

Sexual Love Fear

Sexual Love Phobia

Sexual Question Fear

Sexual Question Phobia

Sexual Questions Fear

Sexual Questions Phobia

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