Eremophobia - Fear Of Being Oneself Or Of Loneliness


Eremophobia- fear of being oneself or of loneliness is the phobia I had until I read your book Energy Therapy.

I needed to learn how to be by myself and not need to be around someone.

I was always this way as long as I could remember and with the help of the book, I have overcome my fear. Overcoming this fear has allowed me to be alone and be happy with me.

I actually like the new me because I can do so many things when I am home alone that I could not do before reading and using your book.

Brenda Hendricks

Other Names:

Being Lonely Fear

Being Lonely Phobia

Being Oneself Fear

Being Oneself Phobia


Fear of Being Lonely

Fear of Being Oneself

Fear of Loneliness

Loneliness Fear

Loneliness Phobia

Phobia of Being Lonely

Phobia of Being Oneself

Phobia of Loneliness

Phobia Chart - The Complete List of Phobia Definitions

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