Enosiophobia Or Enissophobia

Enosiophobia Or Enissophobia Fear Of Having Committed An Unpardonable Sin

I use to have this fear called Enosiophobia or Enissophobia- fear of having committed an unpardonable sin or of criticism.

I was really quite upset about it and my friend Angie found your website with Phobia Release and bought it for me.

I could not believe this book could help me with overcoming my fear. After I succeeded, I needed to come here and let you know how the book helped me overcome my fear and I am now able to accept things in my past and future without feeling ashamed.

Thank you for the help and the book, I needed this.

Cindy O'Brien

Other Names:

Being Criticized Fear

Being Criticized Phobia

Criticism Fear

Criticism Phobia


Fear of Being Criticized

Fear of Criticism

Fear of Having Committed an Unpardonable Sin

Having Committed an Unpardonable Sin Fear

Having Committed an Unpardonable Sin Phobia

Phobia of Being Criticized

Phobia of Criticism

Phobia of Having Committed an Unpardonable Sin

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