Macrophobia - Fear Of Long Waits


Macrophobia- fear of long waits was never really a problem to be as much as it was an annoyance.

I hated going to stores, because I knew there was always going to be a long line to wait in at the store.

My husband found me a book called Phobia Release and asked that I read it. So it could help me overcome my fear.

Overcoming my fear was very easy after I read the book. Once I tried to go to the store and wait in long lines, I discovered I was cured, I go longer had I phobia.

I just wanted to say thank you for a good book.

Laura Huber

Other Names

Fear of Long Waits

Fear of Waiting

Fear of Waiting a Long Time

Long Waits Fear

Long Waits Phobia


Phobia of Long Waits

Phobia of Waiting

Phobia of Waiting a Long Time

Waiting a Long Time Fear

Waiting a Long Time Phobia

Waiting Fear

Waiting Phobia

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