Maieusiophobia - Fear Of Childbirth


Maieusiophobia- fear of childbirth is something that you think only a woman would have.

The sad truth is, I am a man and I had a fear of childbirth. No matter how hard I tried, I could not agree to have a baby with my wife.

To save my marriage I needed help in overcoming my fear.

I looked at your book Phobia Release and decided to see if it could help me overcome my fear. I guess it worked, because we are going to have a baby in a few short months.

I am no longer afraid and will be with my wife when she delivers our son.

Kerry Miller

Other Names

Birth Fear

Birth Phobia

Childbirth Fear

Childbirth Phobia

Fear of Birth

Fear of Childbirth

Fear of Giving Birth

Giving Birth Fear

Giving Birth Phobia


Phobia of Birth

Phobia of Childbirth

Phobia of Giving Birth

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