Mechanophobia - Fear Of Machines


Mechanophobia- fear of machines is not a fear you want to have when you are looking for a factory job.

I wanted to make a living so I would be comfortable and not have to scrimp and save for everything I wanted.

I realized I needed help to overcome my fear.

I read a book called Energy Therapy and was very happy that it helped with overcoming my fear.

The machines I work on are not big machines. It just seems that I had a fear of all types of machines. Since reading your book, I am happy to say, I am free of my fear.

James Russell

Other Names

Fear of Machine

Fear of Machines

Fear of Mechanical

Machine Fear

Machine Phobia

Machines Fear

Machines Phobia


Mechanical Fear

Mechanical Phobia

Phobia of Machine

Phobia of Machines

Phobia of Mechanical

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