Maniaphobia - Fear Of Insanity


Yes, I had Maniaphobia- fear of insanity. I was afraid I was going to go insane.

I needed help in overcoming this phobia. I read Phobia Release and found it to be a very interesting book.

To overcome my phobia it gave me steps to follow, things to do and a willingness to change.

I found that this book was very informative and supplied a great deal of good information.

I think this book works to help anybody. If it could help me, it could help other people who have a phobia.

I believe this and wanted to say thank you for writing such a great book.

Bonnie Fritz

Other Names

Being Insane Fear

Being Insane Phobia

Fear of Being Insane

Fear of Insane

Fear of Insanity

Insane Fear

Insane Phobia

Insanity Fear

Insanity Phobia


Phobia of Insane

Phobia of Insanity

Phobia Chart - The Complete List of Phobia Definitions

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