Medomalacuphobia - Fear Of Losing An Erection


Medomalacuphobia- fear of losing an erection is something that men do not want to face.

The fact is, I had to face it or not have a relationship with my girlfriend. He was very patient with me, and very helpful. She found a book called Phobia Release.

She said that this book would help me in overcoming my fear. She was very happy when I informed her that I had no longer felt this fear.

We have been together for quite awhile now and I plan to ask her to marry me, so I am very happy that I did overcome my phobia.

Hal Coulton

Other Names

Erection Loss Fear

Erection Loss Phobia

Fear of Erection Loss

Fear of Losing an Erection

Losing an Erection Fear

Losing an Erection Phobia


Phobia of Erection Loss

Phobia of Losing an Erection

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