Taeniophobia or Teniophobia - Fear Of Tapeworms


I have had Taeniophobia or Teniophobia - Fear of tapeworms for a long time.

I was always afraid to play in the dirt or do any gardening because my mother told me that was how you got tapeworms.

Overcoming my fear with your book Energy Therapy was a welcome change.

I can say now that I was made to feel this way for all the wrong reasons.

I thank you for making this book available for me to use. Now that I have overcome my fear, I am must happier and can enjoy things more than I did before.

Emily Timler

Other Names

Fear of Tapeworm

Fear of Tapeworms

Phobia of Tapeworm

Phobia of Tapeworms

Tapeworm Fear

Tapeworm Phobia

Tapeworms Fear

Tapeworms Phobia

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