Thanatophobia or Thantophobia - Fear Of Death Or Dying


Thanatophobia or Thantophobia- fear of death or dying made me a prisoner in my own body.

I was afraid to do anything that might cause me harm. Boating, driving and even eating some times scared me.

Overcoming my fear was the best thing that I ever experienced. Energy Therapy was the best book I have ever invested in.

I have new hope for my life and do not dwell on dying anymore.

I have a new look on life thanks to you. I appreciate your writing this book.

It is so nice that someone took the time to help people just like me that really need it.

Fran Goebel

Other Names

Being Buried Phobia

Cremation Fear

Cremation Phobia

Dying Fear

Dying Phobia

Entombment Fear

Entombment Phobia

Fear of Being Buried

Fear of Cremation

Fear of Dying

Fear of Entombment

Phobia of Being Buried

Phobia of Cremation

Phobia of Dying

Phobia of Entombment

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